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Board of Governors


Miranda Doran


"Thank you for being a part of our school community, and I look forward to sharing the years ahead with you all."

Kia Orana & Welcome to Apii Te Uki Ou!

My name is Miranda Doran and I am honoured to be representing the Board of Governors as our Chairperson this year.
Our school is a private school, established under the Education Act and registered to provide education across ECE, primary and secondary levels here in the beautiful Cook Islands. We currently offer classes from ECE to year 9, with a mission to provide an inclusive and innovative education for our children.
We value our Cook Islands culture and are proud to offer a localised curriculum, delivered in a caring family environment with a strong connection to our community. It is our hope that students of Apii Te Uki become passionate learners, effective communicators, and independent thinkers who grow into responsible Cook Islanders.
Governance of our school rests with our Board – an elected panel of 10 members of the Apii Te Uki Ou community, who possess a broad range of professional skills and a passion for our children’s
Our Board of Governors works closely with our Principal and her team to develop the school’s strategic vision and to monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of our school with respect to personnel, policy, infrastructure and financial management. We also engage with our broader community with respect to fundraising opportunities, to further strengthen and support the strategic vision of our school.
Apii Te Uki Ou passionately supports its staff and we are mindful of the ever-increasing pressure on our educators in the current teaching environment. We aim to be responsive, innovative and a leader amongst employers for our approach.
Thank you for supporting us in our mission and we are proud to be given the opportunity to educate your tamariki.
​Meitaki Ma’ata,
Miranda Doran
Chairperson - ATUO Board of Governors

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide information about the school's activities throughout the preceding year.


    Annual Report 2020

    Annual Report 2021

    Annual Report 2022

    Annual Report 2023

Strategic Priorities


Akara ki mua - Learning for tomorrow 

At Apii Te Uki Ou we ALL see ourselves as LEARNERS, whether we are students, teachers, parents, or wider community. Our fundamental beliefs form the foundation of our reasons for teaching and learning. 

We strongly believe that: 
Every child brings something to the learning table despite their background, religion, culture, economic situations, or capabilities 
Every child learns differently and therefore progresses at his or her own pace 
Every educator has the potential to use a variety of effective teaching pedagogies to unlock a learners’ potential and remove obstacles that hinders progress 
The school is a facility that provides some necessary tools to support learners and educators

Our parents and community play a significant role in  teaching and learning of our learners 
That technology is a vital tool for accessing limitless information for teaching and learning and connecting students with the wider world.

         Strategic Plan 2023-2025


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      Apii Te Uki Ou School Policies


Miranda Doran - Board Chair

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