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Inclusive Education 

Apii Te Uki Ou maintains that our founding belief of quality education for all (through inclusive practices) helps us create an environment where all learners will have opportunities to be successful in life, whichever path they choose.

Our IE programme and support networks have ensured we have seen success for our highest needs in the school, and this is seen in a number of ways:

1. A philosophy that underpins an inclusive model for all students - finding ways in which every student has a place in and out of the classroom and can achieve their potential.

2. Additional resources for personnel - A full-time ‘Learning Support Coordinator to support and oversee IEPs, inclusive learning programmes in classrooms and remedial and extension programmes, along with supplementary income for Teacher Aides to attract and retain quality staff.

3. Additional resources are dedicated to our IE programme and students. These resources help develop the ability to support students in a class setting and improve our physical therapy programmes, PMP, life skills and enrichment activities.

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