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Using your imagination to make something new or interesting. Solving problems in ways never seen before. Thinking about things differently.

Taking risks and breaking the rules of convention.


Showing love and empathy for someone or something. Helping others even when it is not asked of you or you don’t feel like doing it. Sharing and not expecting it back in return. Taking care of our spaces and environment. 

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Thinking of others' feelings and rights. Speaking with care and being polite. Understanding others' opinions.

Having a deep regard for someone or something.


Being honest: Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. Upholding high expectations of behaviour and actions.

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Finishing something by using your ability and by hard work. Setting goals and working to achieve them improving your learning results and progress by studying and making the most of your time at school.Sticking to a challenge or task and finishing it even if it was difficult.

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