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Apii Te Uki Ou

At Apii Te Uki Ou we offer a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities which help our learners become well-rounded, balanced individuals. These additions to our school curriculum are what helps foster our student's ability to develop a range of skills across a broad range of learning areas. Some of these activities include Funky Fridays, cultural exchanges and competitions, sailing, Vaka Iti, extension programmes, remedial support, Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), school camps, sporting opportunities and many more. Please see a few of these opportunities below. 

ART EXtension

For all art purchases of prints and cards and to see all other pieces for sale please contact our school office on 23509.

Culture & Te Reo Maori

Cook Island Culture and the Maori language play a large part of the learning experience at Apii Te Uki Ou.  The Cook Islands is rich in culture and language and this is celebrated widely by its people and all of those who come to visit.  The beauty of the Cook Islands culture is lived every day at our school and taught as an essential component of the national curriculum. It is required that all of our students are taught Cook Island Maori and understand the many facets of the Culture which include ukulele, drumming, planting, weaving, dancing and more.

Nature Appreciation

Connecting learning with the Cook Island Environment

Nature Appreciation offers an opportunity to learn about the beauty, bounty and benefits the Cook Island natural environment offers.  You will learn about traditions, culture, plants and animals in their environment and learn to appreciate and care for these amazing resources along the way.

Sporting and Athletic Events

Apii Te Uki Ou enjoys a calendar full of very competitive interschool sporting and athletic events. These include a wide range of sporting competitions such as football, 7's rugby, netball, badminton, vaka iti and sailing. We also hold schoolwide sporting events which include a triathlon, athletics day and not to mention the Rarotongan Prince of Wales Interschool Athletics Competition.  


Year 7 & 8 Camp - Cultural Exchange

A highlight of our senior school experience is our Year 7 & 8 Cultural Exchange to one of our Southern Group islands. To fully experience the Cook Island culture a visit to one of the outer islands is a must, where tradition is strong and cultural practices have not been impacted or influenced by the arrival of tourists or tourism. If your child is fortunate to be part of this camp it will be an experience of true Cook Island warmth and hospitality that they will never, ever forget! 

Funky Friday - Enrichment Programme

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. Funky Friday offers educational opportunities which excite, inspire and impassion learners to work with other students right across the school, develop new skills and connect with educators across our community. It allows our school to engage with its community and share in the knowledge and talents of the Cook Islands.   

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